We offer a large variety of packaging and gifting cards, designed to encourage consumers into giving pre-owned items as gifts. We want them to share their special memories and stories through those gifts.

The Truly Gifting ideology supports the global need to change our consumer habits. We want all of us to understand the manifold value of pre-owned items.

Our ethos is driven by the need for both environmental and social sustainability.

Truly Gifting Ltd works closely with all gift givers, secondhand retailers, corporates and educational institutions. We work towards a shared goal of promoting sustainability, circular economy  and making a difference to the world we live in.

There is more to second hand

At Truly Gifting we firmly believe that the unique history of the treasured gifts we give is what makes them so memorable and special. Truly Gifting enables you to add that final stylish touch to any present given, from heirloom, antiques to retro clothing.

Many of these second hand products would originally have cost much more than you are ever likely to spend on a brand new present. Quality branded goods, antique collectables, vintage furniture, electronics, books and homeware items are just a few examples of the high value items on offer. Any of these could be gifted and when correctly targeted, would benefit the recipient, far more, than some latest gadget they neither wanted or needed.

Ecological sustainability

Our planet is stretched to its limits.

Scientists across the world have estimated that the consumption of Global resources is currently 150%.If everyone on Earth consumed at the average rate of the Western world, we would need three planets.

We believe that there are millions of quality second hand items on the market, which with a bit of thought and careful packaging can be turned into truly meaningful gifts. We at Truly Gifting want to extend the lifespans of existing top quality goods. If everyone in the UK were to give just one second hand present per year, 60 million new items would never have to be produced, lessening the burden to our environment.

Social sustainability

Many of us are now deemed to be victims of “Stuffucation “, the mental anxiety that comes from over-consuming just about all material goods. We want to possess more and more items, in the belief that they will make us happy, when deep down inside we must know that they won’t. We at Truly Gifting believe the true path to happiness lies in more meaningful relationships, shared history and social cohesion.


Truly Gifting helps people share their memories and special moments using our unique offering. Our current and future products will help people celebrate shared histories that bring and bind them together. It’s an amazing feeling when you find that perfect gift for a loved one. We want to be there to help you make it happen and to guarantee that every gift you give is packaged with love and minute attention to detail.