This gift holds a story
It has a tale to tell
It’s for love and for friendship
And times that we held


It may not be new
But the sentiment is true
For I’m Truly Gifting
this treasure to you…


Founder, Owner of Truly Gifting Ltd, mother of three

I want myself, my children, my close friends and family and as many other people as possible to experience the excitement of finding and receiving the right pre-owned item. I want to show an alternative way of gifting gifts. One which embraces the friendships, history and memories we share. One that helps protect our precious planet, while proving once and for all, that we don’t always need those brand new things we spend so much money on.


Graphic Designer, Brand Consultant

I would like to encourage the people around to me to buy pre-owned stuff and see the value in it. I started a challenge of going a year without buying anything new (apart from disposables like make-up and food) and so far it’s going fantastically well. I don't miss buying new stuff, as there's already so much that people are auctioning off or giving away for free. I have a feeling that after the year is over I'm still going to keep at it. It’s so easy and I find it really liberating. I don't have to feel guilty over the stuff that I buy. If I have anything that I don’t use, I usually just give it away for free.


Web developer, IT Specialist

When you’re looking for something pre-owned to give to someone, you don’t usually know what that item will be, so you keep that person in mind until you stumble across something you instinctively know they’ll love. This means so much more than the monetary value of an impersonal gift, because you’ve really thought about the person.


Concept mentor, mother of four

I would like to re-think the way I feel about buying new things, particularly when it comes to gifts. People often give each other beautiful second-hand items, but they don’t treat them as ‘gifts’ and will just hand them over in a carrier bag. This is despite the fact that as much thought and love (if not more) has gone into the choice of present, as if they had been to the shops and chosen something new.