We at Truly Gifting believe in bright future for secondhand items as gifts. It is not a new phenomenon at all.

People have always gifted “secondhand” – passing on an heirloom, antiques and other valuable items. In this present era of stuffocation and environmental concerns, gifting secondhand has become a lifestyle choice of forerunners and conscious consumers. There is such a great selection of anything secondhand available online and offline, not to mention all the items we have grown out gathering dust in our cupboards, that of variety is no excuse. PING! Spring cleaning might turn into a pile of gifts!


The most unique gifts can be found secondhand – and the stories behind the items will make them even more interesting!


Truly Gifting has conducted a survey on the subject and the results speak for the rising interest of gifting secondhand. Almost 35% of respondents indicated that they would be interested and 23% very interested in secondhand gifting. 19% of the survey takers were not interested in secondhand gifting. To conclude, there are a significant percentage of consumers who would be interested if the quality (40%) and value (22%) factors are fulfilled.


If you are still in doubt if you could or should gift something used, we have formed a list of six tips to guarantee the success of the gifting experience:


1) The value and type of a gift are dependent of the occasion. Plain old secondhand is totally fine for housewarming parties, casual birthdays and seasonal greetings, to name a few. You probably find proper gifts from your own cupboards and bookshelves! When celebrating even numbers, graduation or weddings, one could seek the most unique present from quality vintage sites, among recognised designs, rare copies of books or vinyls, collectibles or antique. On the other hand, if you collect a proper set of something e.g. all you need when going camping, pre-used items from your own closet or Ebay make a great gift.


2) The power of a story can make even a trinket the most proper gift. If the story or history of the product is familiar to you, write it down and tell the recipient why it made you think about her or him.

Please check our Vintage Valentine´s Stories here to get inspiration and this interesting research/experiment done on the subject “ Significant Objects”.


3) Give yourself time to find that specific item for the special recipient. All secondhand items are inherently unique, so you never know what you gonna get. The journey to the right gift will be a reward in and of itself. When scouting items in stores or online, you will naturally start to think of the relationship you have with the recipient. Seek for a gift that reflects the person. A well-thought set of pre-read books or a set of jewelry are good examples of well-appreciated gifts.


4) There are plenty of blogs and articles in lifestyle magazines that talk about many things vintage, antique & pre-used, and how these can be utilised in creating unique style for your wardrobe, interior design or accessories. Use these sources to get inspiration and built stories.


5) Do not try to hide the fact that your present is pre-used. Instead, Certify your gift with the notes of its history, a card with a story and nice packaging.


6) Depending on the size of your social circle, there may be dozens of special events in your calendar yearly. Make an agreement with your close ones, the mothers of your kids’ school mates or your work colleagues to gift only secondhand while celebrating the birthdays. This can be very liberating to all parties. You get all the benefits mentioned before, and there will be more deep connection created among the people involved. By choosing secondhand you will increase the value for the money e.g in toys, small electronics, books, decorative items. Wouldn´t you rather give a child a whole train set than just a couple of wagons? Choosing a unique pre-used vase you still have a budget for a flower bouquet to fill it with.


Truly Gifting offers gifting concept specially designed for this purpose. Not only the packaging but the miniature certificate that comes with every gift box product for you to celebrate the factor of being pre-loved. And of course, a matching greeting card to go along.

Visit our shop and check the designs and sizes + our gift ideas.

PS: Please share your gift ideas and photos of the packed gifts in Twitter or in Facebook. If you share and send us your postal details, you will get a midi box with certificate as a thank you letter!


Truly Yours, Tiia




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