Anlyso Automatic Inductive Trash Can


An automatic garbage bin with lids that open automatically within 3 seconds with a distance of 5-30cm and close within 5 seconds automatically after your hand leaves the sensing area is just the right gift to get an older woman.

She won’t need to bend down or touch the dirty trash can anytime she wants to throw trash away.

The dustbin lid opens and closes quietly, providing her with a calm and comfortable dwelling environment.

It features a built-in night light that will give her a soothing glow at night. It also has sophisticated IPX5 waterproof technology, making it ideal for use in the bathroom and allowing it to be cleaned with water.

The Anlyso Automatic Inductive Trash Collection System Can be powered by USB connection, which is more convenient to use and will save her time and money by eliminating the need to purchase extra AA batteries for ongoing usage. In addition, after a single full charge, its rechargeable battery can be utilized for several months.

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