Bestand Doze Sleep Aid Device


Get her this mindful gift so she can know how much she has been on your mind.

After a full day of being an awesome woman, she deserves to retire to bed easily and peacefully. This is why you need to get her the Bestand Doze Sleep Aid Device.

It is no magic tool but this device works like magic. It introduces a timed breathing session to help you relax and free your mind from the day’s worries.

This works with a blue LED light that expands and retracts to indicate inhaling and exhaling. She can do this for eight or twenty minutes depending on her needs. The device is a smart device so it automatically shuts down when she dozes off.

It is the perfect travel companion that can be used anywhere even in the living room to practice mindfulness during yoga. No medications. No plug-ins. No magic. Just rest.

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