Cedar Crate Market Friendship Candle


If you are looking for a creative way to tell your coworker how you feel about them without sounding too mushy, this Cedar Crate friendship candle is the gift idea for you.

We all deserve someone who doesn’t just think we are awesome but is not afraid to let us and everyone else know as well. That is exactly what this candle does.

What’s more? When this candle finishes, they will keep this jar as a reminder of your kindness, a daily self-affirmation, and a cute interior decor piece.

This Friendship Candle is highly scented as it features huckleberry, lemon, and vanilla flavors and is infused with premium fragrance oils that tingle the senses and ease your mind especially after a long day at work.

Get this gift as a way of engraving your name in the heart of the coworker you love.

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