Delta Kite


Show your child just how high they can soar with the Delta Kite, a perfect gift for your first grader who wants to conquer the world.

This kite features the most durable materials that have been tested in several play sessions and has passed the quality test.

Each set features a single-line Delta Kite measuring 60″ (150cm) Wide x 32″ (80cm) Long with 8.5ft (2.6m) Twin Tails, single 200ft (60m) anti-tangle Flying Line on Handle and a spare Parts Kit amongst other supporting accessories.

This kite is simple to assemble as each kit features assembly and How-To-Fly Instructions to put you and your child’s mind at ease.

The Delta Kite is a perfect way to help your little one use their imagination to understand the world and as a great play date idea.

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