Deluxe Art Supplies Set


This Deluxe Art Supplies set includes all the drawing and painting tools that are suitable to build your child’s creative hobby.

It features the best tools for showcasing your child’s awesome talent in drawing and painting. It is also a perfect gift for kids who are beginners and are exploring their creative side. The Deluxe set is made up of 24-Colored Pencils, 24-Oil Pastels, 24-Watercolor Cakes, 3×8 Well palettes, 2-Drawing Pads, 1-Coloring Book, 2-Sketch Pencils, 2-Paint Brushes, 10-Sandpaper Block, 1-Pencil Sharpener, 1- Ruler, 1-Eraser, and 60 crayons

It features a sturdy wooden art box with removable drawers to store art supplies. The drawer makes it easy to store, move and carry around the art supplies.

It is the perfect gift to build your child’s creative talent.

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