DROCON Foldable Mini Drone for Kids


This foldable mini drone comes with 3 speed modes – low, middle, and high speed – and allows you to switch in between them so you can grow from a newbie to drone expert with ease. The drone is easy to operate and doesn’t lose direction even when operated by a beginner in its Headless mode.


This Headless mode ensures you don’t have to worry about the direction the drone faces even when it’s flying far away. And it could do a 3D flip and possess a one-key for take-off and landing and for return and altitude making it easier to control. The bright LED light on the head comes in handy when you need to fly the drone at night. With a portable design, you could take it easily to parties, hangouts, family outings, or school trips. The mini drone is for your teenage kids to have fun and gradually hone their flying skills.

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