Kemstood Whiskey Globe Decanter


This Globe Decanter by Kemstood is a gift that would be well appreciated by any Whiskey lover. It’s packaged as a 4-in-1 set containing a wooden stand, pouring funnel, bottle stopper, and the decanter itself.

The decanter was designed with an antique world map on the surface and serves as a decorative piece for your space. Say goodbye to drinking from a Whiskey bottle – this decanter is a new storage space for your Whiskey.

It’s not just a fit for Whiskey but could be filled with any alcoholic beverage including scotch, vodka, brandy, liquor, gin, and wine. The fitted glass stopper, which tightly seals the decanter, is essential for storing your drink and preserving its aromatic freshness.

Overall, this Globe Decanter makes a perfect universal alcohol carafe for whiskey lovers and would make a perfect gift for your aged father on any occasion.

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