Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner


What other way to prove how much you care for your aged loved ones than getting them a machine that handles their cleaning needs? This Robot Vacuum Cleaner by Lefant effectively cleans dirty floors, walls, and dusty surfaces by sliding around the home. With an upgraded 6D anti-collision infrared sensor, the robot vacuum can automatically detect areas that are likely to be stuck and adjust its path.



It comes with 4 easily switchable clean modes: auto, manual, spot, and wall-follow clean.  When in contact with hair, for instance, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a strong suction power and unique inlet design to prevent it from clogging. With long-lasting lithium iron phosphate batteries, the unibody Robot Vacuum can last up to 100 mins on a full charge. And with the Lefant app on your phone, you can connect the cleaner to your home assistant and control it using voice commands.

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