Matein Laptop Tote Bag set


With gifting your coworkers, you are always trying to combine viability, durability, thoughtfulness, and aesthetics. This bag set combines all these effortlessly.

The bag set features a quality leather tote and a clutch bag. In the bag, she will have a stretchable key fob that allows her to unlock the door or start the car without taking her keys out of the bag meaning she will never lose them again.

The bag also has a unique USB design that allows her to connect her power bank inside and use her cord to charge her devices outside. This is such a cool gift idea for that coworker who is always working on the go.

The clutch bag can also be used to store more items like chargers, jewelry, cards and any other items she would like to throw in there.

This is a versatile item that can follow her when she is working, traveling, studying, or even shopping.

This gift item would be impossible to forget.

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