OMOTIYA Mini UFO Drones for Kids


Modeled after a UFO, this kid-friendly drone toy is that companion your little one needs to have fun while

Its high-sensitive Infrared motion sensors let it detect nearby obstacles so your kid won’t have to deal with damaging things while flying.

The kid-friendly drone can be launched with a gentle toss into the air and no remote control is needed.

Plus, it has a powerful motor so your kid can hover the drone high, fast, and rotate it 360 degrees. It’s made of non-toxic material which is skin-friendly so you don’t need to worry about your kid getting hurt.

When it’s low, the drone only needs 40 minutes to charge fully and provides an uptime of close to 10 minutes, thanks to its built-in and rechargeable Lithium battery.

Surprise your kid on his or her birthday with this hand-flying drone and they’ll appreciate you.

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