Primevolve Scented Candles Gift Set of 12


This scented candle gift set is different from any other set she must have been gifted in the past.

Beyond the 12 unique scents, it also comes in 12 unique designs which usually double as the cutest interior decor pieces that could be lined up in a row or distributed around the house. She could use one every month or she could use it all at once. The possibilities with this set are endless.

When they are lit, these candles provide nothing but good energy. It is perfect for yoga, dinner, bath sessions, massages and even sleep. It is made to calm your nerves and inspire good vibes.

Each candle lasts up to 20 hours for each burn session but not to worry. Even when they are done, these candle tins can make perfect flower pots, a cute storage for jewelry, or just excellent interior decor pieces.

This is a versatile gift to show your special woman how much you love her. You can be rest assured that she won’t forget this in a hurry.

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