Smarty Pants 1st Grade Card Set- 120 Quizzes, Puzzles


If what you are looking for is a fun and educating kindergarten graduation gift for your little one, then this 1st Grade Card Set is just what you need.

You and your child will have a lot of invigorating brainstorm sessions on this Smarty Pants Set.

This card set is portable and colorful which means it can be packed up and taken anywhere- Any location can become a classroom fit for learning.

It measures 7 inches and features a simple design that helps your child understand that learning doesn’t have to be big and ambiguous.

This card set is developed in collaboration with experienced educators who understand the school curriculum. This means your child isn’t missing a beat even during the summer.

All this is packed in a colorful plastic set to prevent any of the cards going missing.

This is a great gift idea to mark the giant step your child is about to take.

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