TheraFlow Dual Foot Massage Roller


Show your eagle-eyed attention to her needs by shopping for this TheraFlow Dual Foot Massage Roller and become a diamond in her eyes.

This simple yet efficient foot massage roller is the stuff of legends as it has many positive reviews from shoppers online. For this massage item made from high-quality Theaceae wood, there are no setup or plug-ins required. All she needs to do is to apply her own pressure and relax.

The roller incorporates the Shiatsu Acupressure Relaxation technique which helps in nurturing the body, increasing energy levels, and blood flow.

It also comes with a laminated foot reflexology chart, a healing guide as well as simple instructions on how to use the roller.

A simple foot massage like the one this roller provides is known to reduce the effects of anxiety, migraines, flat foot, plantar fasciitis, amongst other things. It is definitely an amazing health investment.

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