Toddler Jungle Gym Play Tent


Tunnel Ball Pits are the perfect place for your kid to practice crawling, sensory processing, and coordination activities.

Let your kid’s imagination run wild in these vibrantly-colored, friendly-faced blow-up playhouses and tunnels. They make a lovely, bright, and inviting place for boys and girls to play, occupying themselves for hours.

You will see just how creative your child can be with all the many uses they will come up with. Children love to explore, play pretend inside, hide-and-go-seek, and even use them as a refuge from the light, noise, and hustle of a busy home or classroom.

The ball pit tents and tunnels collapse for easy storage and store compactly and conveniently in the accompanying bag, making them suitable for small homes, apartments, or daycares. Ideal for indoor and outdoor play, and perfect for all occasions.

This bright vibrant pop-up ball pit playhouse obstacle course playset will keep your child entertained for hours!

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